Associação Portuguesa dos Recursos Hídricos

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APRH is a nonprofit technical and scientific association which activities  focuses on Water issues.


It was founded on August 4th 1977 by a group of 160 professionals and scientists in the field of water resources with an innovative vision, who created an association which sought to influence policies based on integrated water resources management principles and values.

APRH aims to promote multisectoral and interdisciplinary approaches to issues related to the quantity and quality of freshwater, estuarine and coastal waters, both surface and groundwater, by providing a forum for professionals from different backgrounds and from the water resources related industry


Main Objectives

  • To further progress the knowledge of water resources, namely in the fields of water management, planning, development, administration, science, technology, research and education;
  • To promote and support the co-operation of interested individuals and entities in creating a suitable institutional framework for solving national water resources problems;
  • To support and participate in the dissemination of the concept and implementation of suitable policies for water resources management in Portugal;
  • To collaborate with related foreign organisations and to promote Portuguese participation in international water resources programmes.

    Associação Portuguesa dos Recursos Hídricos

    a/c LNEC - Av. do Brasil, 101

    1700-066 Lisboa