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AQUASIS, SA is a pioneer, in Portugal, in the development and application of innovative technological solutions, for analysis of engineering problems, planning and support to decision on the operation and maintenance of infrastructural systems, ensuring a standardization of business processes for management entities and facilitating the achievement of synergies in the development of its business, making them more competitive, more efficient and more sustainable.

Since its inception, AQUASIS has allied its know-how in the areas of hydraulic and sanitary engineering intervention in general, water supply systems and drainage of wastewater and rainwater, in particular, valences in the area of development of information systems. Since its founding, AQUASIS has been dedicated to the development of information systems, specifically directed to companies and entities that manage basic sanitation systems, being the pioneer in Portugal in the implementation of this type of technology of information.

As a result of the strategy developed, AQUASIS has established itself in the market with the mission of developing and consolidating information technologies, which aim to:

• developing information technology solutions and services (geographic information systems, maintenance and asset management, integrated operation management and remote management, among others), aimed at the technical management, operation and maintenance of water supply systems. water, sewage and rainwater sanitation and the collection, treatment and recovery of municipal solid waste;

• provide services and implement those solutions in the companies and management entities of the sector, in all its components, namely, analysis of functional processes, support IT architecture, data processing and processing, technical assistance, post-implementation support and training;

• promote the implementation of these solutions, in the national and international markets, in general.

AQUASIS has unique characteristics that differentiate it from other information technology companies in the national market, namely:

• total specialization in the areas related to companies managing water supply systems and drainage of wastewater and rainwater ("high" and "low"), as well as the collection and treatment of urban solid waste;

• proximity and development of collaborative and direct work with Operational Companies, which, together with the know-how of



Carlos Godinho


Chief Business Development Officer



Aquasis – Sistemas de Informação S.A.

Rua Visconde de Seabra, 3 • 1700-421 Lisboa • Portugal

Tel.: +351 21 246 97 50/60 • Fax: +351 21 246 97 52/61 •


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