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Technical Assistance
Consulting and project design
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Project management and supervision
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Central and South America


Matos, Fonseca & Associados, Estudos e Projectos, Lda., was founded in late 2006 and initiated operations in January 2007. Its founders have extensive experience in environment, in its different aspects, either providing consulting services, or working on development studies and projects, including infrastructural projects. In 2012 was founded the Mozambican subsidiary Matos, Fonseca & Associados – Moçambique – Estudos e Projectos Lda with the purpose of optimizing and implement the company's philosophy which is based on the following guidelines: effectiveness, efficiency, availability, presence and confidence.

The main objective for founding this company was to offer the market a range of services in the infrastructure and environmental areas, based on a philosophy of total client support.

The Company work is based on the quality of the supplied services and on the total satisfaction of clients.

The company staff has a broad curriculum in their area of activity, ensuring a full understanding of different types of projects. Matos, Fonseca & Associados has, also, partnerships with several companies, universities, and consultants, providing its clients with a high diversity of specialized services.



From the experience of its staff, and partnerships it has established, Matos Fonseca & Associados is uniquely positioned to offer services in the following areas:


Environmental Studies

• Environmental Impact Assessment;

• Environmental Assistance in Preparation of Proposals and Tender Documents;

• Environmental Monitoring, during the Work Phase;

• Environmental Monitoring;

• Identification of Areas suitable for complex Projects;

• Advising on environmental projects for architecture and specialties.




• Ecological monitoring and characterization;

• Definition of Protocols for the Establishment of Countervailing Measures.


 Infrastructure Studies and projects

• Project Development of Storm Water Drainage and Domestic Wastewater Infrastructure;

• Water Supply Systems;

• Urban Infrastructure. Optimization studies of water consumption;

• General management plans for water supply and sanitation.


Water resources

• Water Resources Management;

• Hydrological Studies;

• Water Quality Studies, in the perspective of Water Framework Directive;

• Evaluation Studies and Characterization of Sources of Pollution;

• River Basin Management Plans;

• Studies of Technical, Economic and Environmental feasibility of water infrastructures;

• Treatment of information relating to the licensing of hydro resources uses.



• Sustainability Reporting;

• Identification and Evaluation of Stakeholder Expectations;

• Assistance in the field of Corporate Sustainability;

• Support for the Definition and Implementation of Sustainable Projects.


Management Systems

• Environmental Management Systems;

• Quality Management Systems;

• Safety Management Systems;

• Social Responsibility Systems;

• Integrated Systems;

• Audits (Integrated and Environment, Quality, Safety and Social Responsibility).



• Environmental Assistance to Industrial Projects;

• Support for the Definition of Control Solutions for Industrial Pollution;

• Evaluation, Diagnosis and Legal Compliance Audits;

• Waste Management Plans;

• Assistance in Environmental Licensing Process.


Other Studies

Resettlement Action Plans, Technical, Economic and Environmental feasibility studies, Land Management Plans, Emergency Plans, Risk Management, Industrial, Urban and Hospital Waste Management Plans, among others.



MFA Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To be a company that supports the creation of value for our clients by providing constant support, contributing to the growth and maturing of the market in which we are integrated.

Our Mission

Through a dynamic attitude and constant presence, our Mission is to ensure the expectations of our clients and partners, offering them the safety and security in the field of our work areas, contributing to its success and growth.

Our Values

Value for the Client, Excellence, Trust in the relationship, Simplicity in communication, Innovation in solutions, Quality approaches, Sharing, Trust, Proximity and Availability.




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