SMAS de Almada

Type of entity
Water utilities
Products and Equipments supply
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SMAS de Almada - PT
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With more than 65 years, the SMAS de Almada has the following main attributions:

  • Collection, adduction, treatment and distribution of drinking water;
  • Collection, drainage and treatment of domestic wastewater;
  • Collection and drainage of runoff water;
  • Construction, expansion, operation and maintenance of water pipes, pumping stations and reservoirs;
  • Construction, expansion, exploration and conservation of domestic and runoff water pipes, pumping stations and wastewater treatment plants.


Ensure water supply, collection and treatment of wastewater and runoff drainage in Almada.


To be recognized as a Municipal Public Service of Excellence in the Water Sector.




User satisfaction
Provide a quality service, according to the expectations of the users.

Sustainability of the organization
To exercise competent management, with efficiency and quality, ensuring the economic sustainability through the continuous improvement of the processes, valorization of the workers and use of the best practices.

Environmental Sustainability
To act with respect for the values ​​of nature, namely in the efficient use of water and in the proper rejection of effluents, preserving the environment.

Promote and encourage the introduction of new ideas and practices that translate into better performance.

Social Commitment
Ensure and improve the practice of fulfillment of social rights, contributing to a more just, solidary and sustainable society.

Be guided by a high level of requirements in their performance, to achieve the full satisfaction of the users.

To act with transparency, rigor and competence, reinforcing the bonds of trust with the users, the workers, the suppliers and the community.


Miguel Salvado - SMAS de Almada City Councillar

Present in FMA 2018