TPF Planege Cenor

Type of entity
Technical Assistance
Consulting and project design
Project management and supervision
Geographical areas
Central and South America
Salineiro Dam - Cape Verde
Cova da Beira Hydro-agricultural Scheme
Alto Tâmega Hydroelectric Plant
Beira Drainage System - Mozambique
Cacia WWTP
Ribeiro Grande e Arco Dam


TPF Planege Cenor - Consultores de Engenharia e Gestão, S.A. results from the merger between TPF Planege and CENOR, in 2016.


This merger was nothing more than the conclusion of the proximity trajectory of these two companies, each with 36 years of experience, hence achieving the reinforcement of their capacities on the several activity domains.

The origin of the companies that today form TPF Planege Cenor - Consultores de Engenharia e Gestão, S.A., goes back to 1980.


TPF Planege - Consultores de Engenharia e Gestão, SA, results from the merger of PLANEGE - Consultores de Engenharia e Gestão, SA with TPFCE - Consultoria em Engenharia, SA, merger, which was processed through the incorporation of TPFCE into PLANEGE at October 1st 2005.

Cenor Consultores, SA, which also dates back to 1980, created, on December 20th of 2012, the brand CENOR Consulting Engineers, incorporating the remaining companies of the group: CENOR - Projectos de Engenharia Lda., CENORGEO - Engenharia Geotécnica Lda., CENORPLAN – Planeamento e Projectos, Lda. and ECG - Engenharia, Coordenação e Gestão, Lda.


The tie with TPF Group (international group based on Belgium) has allowed to create important synergies in the presentation of innovative solutions to its Clients.

TPF emerged in 1991, and was initially focused on the Third Party Financing, concept that originated its social designation. TPF Group has been growing rapidly in the engineering world.


TPF Group is nowadays an internationally recognized player in the areas of architecture, engineering and management consulting.

The Group has subsidiaries and branches in 50 countries and operates in a total of 71 countries all over the 5 continents.

In order to take advantage of all the companies know-how, TPF Group has 4 Centres of Expertise:


Water and Environment (Portugal),

Buildings (France),

Energy (Brazil), and

Transport Infrastructures (Spain).


TPF Planege Cenor has currently about 310 employees, including the collaborators of the associated companies.

Simultaneously, the establishment of agreements and partnerships with individual consultants, companies and universities, allow us to respond competently and professionally to the complementary areas of our intervention fields and to the various market sectors where we operate.

In 2017, TPF Planege Cenor reported a consolidated Turnover of about 28 million euros.




  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Dams
  • Agriculture and Rural Development
  • Coordination of Multidisciplinary Projects
  • Urban and Landscape Planning and Development
  • Spatial Planning
  • Environmental Monitoring and Environmental Impact Studies
  • Road Safety Audits
  • Structures Inspection, Recovery and Rehabilitation


TPF Planege Cenor specialists in the field of studies and design are focused on finding the best solutions in order to serve the interests of its customers, choosing the ones which are the most sustainable for the planet and those that, being the most optimized, provide the best returns.

The company has acquired valuable competences and experience in design and engineering and architectural projects coordination on several areas, including Structures and Industrial Constructions,  Complex Buildings, Superstructures and Transport Infrastructures, Environment and Spatial Planning, Hydraulics and Water Resources, Wastes, and Agricultural and Rural Development.





  • Works Coordination and Supervision
  • Planning Control
  • Cost Control
  • Safety and Health Coordination
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Quality Control
  • Archaeological Monitoring
  • Commissioning and Support to start of Operation


Throughout the construction process till operation of an undertaking, the certainty of achieving good results is an absolute priority for all the clients, when realising a capital investment project.

The Management and Works Supervision Services that we offer have been developed throughout many years, so that, with the total support of a motivated team, with successful experiences, we can provide the highest levels of safety to our Clients.





  • Project Management
  • Project Coordination
  • Project Procurement Management, including Contracts and Subcontracts
  • Contracts and Subcontracts Coordination
  • Planning Control
  • Cost Control
  • Safety and Health Coordination
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Commissioning and Start-up


TPF Planege Cenor is oriented to Contracts Management (Project Management), to consulting in the industrial area and to "Turn-Key" projects in this same area.

A "Turn-Key" project comprise the delivery to the client of a fully tested and ready for use product at the delivery moment. This is an enormous advantage some clients take profit of, eliminating, this way, the need of having to manage the project.

Similarly, the Contracts Management (Project Management), in complex undertakings, namely in the industrial area, considers the existence of a great effort in the management of all the intervenient in the different phases of the implementation process of an undertaking.





TPF Planege Cenor Integrated System of Quality, Safety and Environment Management is certified in accordance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and NP EN ISO 14001, for the following products: Elaboration of Studies, Review and Execution of Engineering and Architectural Projects; Elaboration of Plans of Spatial Planning and Sectoral and Regional Development; Information Systems and Urban and Rural Land Registers; Road Safety Audits; Management, Coordination and Supervision of Works and Ventures, including Archaeological and Environmental Monitoring; Coordination of Safety and Health; Studies, Monitoring and Environmental Impact Assessment.

TPF Planege Cenor is also recognized by LNEC (Portuguese Laboratory of Civil Engineering) as General Manager of the Quality of Construction Projects, in works of Buildings and Built Heritage, Roads, Urbanisation Works and Other Infrastructures and Hydraulic Works, in the maximum class.











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