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Water utilities
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VentilAQUA WHITE - Hospitals, medical, laboratories and funeral activities
VentilAQUA RED - Renewable energies, photovoltaic systems, biomass
VentilAQUA Blue | Waste Water Treatment
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Company founded in September 1997 and settled in Coimbra (PORTUGAL), VentilAQUA was born with the main purpose of project, design and execution, manufacturing, supply, installation and start up of depuration equipments, in the industrial field, always trying to bring a new breath into the market with new technologies, industrialization capacity and quality above average, having a top market target, enforcing the idea that it’s more important to have an excellent equipment and services, at a reasonable price, than to have a very low price, with poor quality.
The existence of a multidisciplinary team with high academic degrees, together with the permanent effort and training of its employees and contribution of international consultants, allows the development of a rare response capacity to the market in a fast and efficient manner and to be able to anticipate market needs. 
Excellent relationships, built all over the years, with carefully selected partners, including former stakeholders, has allowed VentilAQUA to run its business in a wide outsourcing strategy, remaining in its control only critical aspects of the business, like know-how, R&D and priceless knowledge. This is the top logic behind the success and the excellent level of profitability shown by VentilAQUA.
Today the company keeps betting on growing its specialized human structure, reinforcing its net of affiliated companies and business partners. We strongly believe that only light and lean organizations can survive and evolve in today’s market.


VentilAQUA, S.A. 
Estrada da Ponte, Lote A
3040-575 Coimbra

Tel. + 351 239 437 336
Fax. + 351 239 438 619

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