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Technical Assistance
Consulting and project design
Teaching, Training, Capacitation and dissemination
Scientific research
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Central and South America


Bluefocus provides environmental consulting services for water resources planning and management, climate change mitigation and adaptation and greenhouse gases emissions trading.

Bluefocus team has an extensive experience in developing national and regional water resources management plans, urban drainage plans, hydrological studies, flood and drought risk assessments and water quality studies. It has participated in many climate change impacts assessment studies and in the design of adaptation strategies.

Bluefocus also provides consulting services in greenhouse emissions trading schemes, based on its experience in developing and managing the Portuguese Emissions Trading Registry and in implementing the Croatian Emissions Trading Registry.

Bluefocus has an unusual set of skills on Earth system science, hydrology, mathematical modelling, optimization techniques, statistical analysis and information systems design, including geographic information systems. It applies information technology to solve environmental problems and designs information systems to gather, organize and analyse data to support decision making.

Bluefocus is the spin-off of eChiron’s environmental consulting unit (formerly Chiron) and inherits its expertise, know-how and experience, obtained since 1996 through the successful accomplishment of several national and international projects.

Present in FMA 2018