Consultancy for the “Water for All” Program, in Angola

Thematic Area
Water and Cities
Water, energy and Food
Several villages located at 9 Angola provinces
Application Areas
Water Services
Central Administration
Local or Regional Administration
Elevated water tank
Water point. Drill with manual pump.



MINEA (Ministry of Energy and Water) is the governmental body responsible for the areas of energy, water and sanitation. The “Water for All” Program is a national program that aims to provide access to potable water to rural population in Angola (target 80% national coverage). 

Under this assignment, we provide Consultancy Services to MINEA, since 2008 and still ongoing today, at the level of management activities regarding water supply systems.The project targeted 9 of the 18 national provinces.


  • Improve the quality of life of the population, allowing sustainable socioeconomic development.
  • Reduce the public health risks due to the lack of potable water and poor sanitation services.
  • Ensure the water supply to 80% of Angola's rural population.


As of December 2017, the rural population covered by water supply infrastructures corresponded to 6.323.854 inhabitants, which entails a coverage of 68% of the targeted Rural Population.

In order to reach the coverage rate of 80%, approximately 1.250.000 rural inhabitants still need to be reached.

Next challenges

Continue to monitor the development of the Program and the consultancy to MINEA, managing the introduction and streamlining of management, and operation and maintenance models, that ensure its sustainability and the regular and permanent response to the population’s needs, over the lifetime of the constructed assets.