TA - Institutional Support to the development of the Water and Sanitation Sectors in Angola

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Water and Cities
Luanda, Angola
Application Areas
Water Services
Central Administration
Local or Regional Administration



Contribute to improve the delivery of water and sanitation services in Angolan households and promote economic growth and poverty reduction



  • Human resources trained to provide service standards suited to the needs of the population
  • Support to the general institutional reform
  • Decentralized management system for rural / municipal water services implemented in the target provinces
  • Design and support to the implementation of a home water quality monitoring and control system to improve water quality standards


Elaboration of the Human Resources Development Plan, including management guidelines and human resources development until 2020

Proposed Structure of Training Regulation in the Sector

Proposal for national water quality standards update and water quality control plans 

DNA guiding document, outlining the general guidelines to be applied in the Management Entities (EG) for the Monitoring and Control of the Quality of Water supplied to the populations

National Database containing water quality results

Preparation of tender documents for the acquisition of laboratory equipment for the new 5 Provincial Laboratories

Health Inspection Plan

Models of community management of water supply and sanitation in peri-urban and rural environments

Proposal for a Regulatory framework of reference s / the management of municipal and rural water services

Didactic materials for social mobilization


Tool Development for calculating Performance Indicators for Water Supply Management Entities

1,224 attendances in 53 training actions (including training, workshops and seminars)

Next challenges

Implementation of the guidelines and plans defined for the improvement of the Management of Water Supply Services at rural, peri-urban and urban levels