Implementation the Díli Sanitation and Drainage Master Plan

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Water and Cities
Dili, East-Timor
Application Areas
Water Services
Water Resources
Central Administration
Local or Regional Administration
Rainwater drainage channel
Flooded area in Dili



The Implementation of the Master Plan of Drainage and Sanitation for the city of Díli – Phase 2 (2013-2017) consists of interventions in the sanitation and drainage systems in the city of Díli, including the rehabilitation and construction of new infrastructures to improve public health and hygiene practices, improve environmental conditions and therefore promote conditions to enable economic prosperity


  • Service 1: Support to the structuring and development of the managing entity’s human resource, administrative and financial areas
  • Service 2: Preparation of selected detailed projects in the waste water sanitation and storm water drainage areas
  • Service 3: Information and data acquisition relevant to existing public wastewater sanitation and storm water drainage systems
  • Service 4: Data acquisition and model update for stormwater drainage network
  • Service 5: Procurement for the rehabilitation and construction of infrastructure for public sanitation and stormwater drainage systems
  • Service 6: Set-up management processes for community sewage treatment systems
  • Service 7: Legal support
  • Service 8: Training

Next challenges

  • Development of the remaining Detailed Projects;
  • Revision of the Sanitation Master Plan, seeking to generate effects of scale with more centralized treatment solutions;
  • Training of the DNSB in O&M of the infrastructures