Technical Assistance to the O&M of Water Supply and Sanitation Systems of Uige

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Water and Cities
Application Areas
Water Services
Local or Regional Administration



This World Bank-funded TA runs from 2015 to 2018 and covers the organization and management of technical and commercial operations as well as the financial management of the water supply services of the Uige water and sanitation company (EASU). By means of a Management Support Services Contract, this project is part of the Angolan strategy for the sector, boosting the quality of water supply services and increasing the general social welfare of local populations.


  • Elaboration of a 3 Year Business Plan
  • Elaboration of an Infrastructure (water and sanitation) Investment Plan
  • Assessment and management of the metering system
  • Management of water supply network (GIS and EPANET model)
  • Improvement of the efficiency of the billing and collection system
  • Development of a Maintenance Management System (MMS)
  • Development of an Operation Manual


The Uige Water and Sanitation Company in the last two years and also as a result of the technical support provided by the AdP AT has seen a clear increase in the quality of the service it provides to its customers and the population of Uige.

Next challenges

Continuing the positive trend, it is intended in the coming months to increase billing and collection thus stabilizing the Utility's accounts. At the same time, daily support will be maintained in the areas of operation and maintenance of water infrastructures, in order to guarantee a quality supply service.