TA to CRA: Provision of Consulting Services for the Development and Implementation of the Water Safety Plan

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Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Water and Cities
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Water Services
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Technical assistance to the Mozambique Water Regulatory Council (CRA), implemented in 2015, which consisted of the drafting and implementation of a Water Safety Plan for an urban water supply concessionaire in Mozambique, including training of personnel and the elaboration of a PSA pilot in the water supply system to the city of Maputo.


  • Elaborate an implementation handbook for WSP for AdeM
  • Elaborate the WSP for Águas de Moçambique
  • Elaborate an implementation handbook for WSP
  • Elaborate Guidelines for Pilot Replication and Action Plan
  • Elaboration and implementation of the WSP for the selected system
  • Elaboration of a Pilot Water Safety Plan


In addition to having been properly provided with a realistic Water Safety Plan, Águas de Moçambique was properly trained to update the WSP, thus ensuring its adherence to the ever changing reality of the water sector in Maputo.

Next challenges

The WSP is dully updated to the reality of the sector and thus ensure that it remains a current and useful tool for AdeM.