Environmental sensibilization - Good Sanitation Practices

Thematic Area
Water and Cities
Water, energy and Food
Application Areas
Water Services
Water Resources
Local or Regional Administration
Collection and Treatment of Wastewater
Do not throw garbage in the sewers
Do not throw medicines into the sewers.
Awareness in Social Networks
Message on the Invoice "Deposit Oils"
Message Invoice "Do not throw garbage in the sewers"



Campaign for environmental awareness and promotion of good sanitation practices:

"Collection and Treatment of Wastewater", "What not to put in the sewers" and "Do not throw in the sewage" are videos that inform and encourage the contribution of everybody in the preservation and protection of the Natural Resources and the Environment.

They elucidate to the consequences of bad daily practices in the water environment.


  • To demonstrate the importance of sanitation in protecting Public Health and the Environment, raising the quality of life in the territory


  • Reduction of undue inflows in the collectors, 4 WWTPs and in the environment
  • Give value to the natural resource (drinking water) and water in the environment
  • Increase efficiency of drainage and wastewater treatment processes by reducing undue inflows into sewers and WWTP
  • Increasing environmental awareness and changing practices
  • Reduction of pollution in the water environment

Next challenges

  • Generalization of awareness of the environmental impacts resulting from individual daily practices
  • Dissemination of good practice to the whole population
  • Campaign reaching into different population segments