Technical advice to the Kilamba Kiaxi Municipality and support the development of its Water and Waste Water Sector Master Plan

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Water and Cities
Application Areas
Water Services
Local or Regional Administration
Example of a proposed measure for the Master Plan
Master Plan - Where we are and where we want to reach
Meetings with the technicians of Kilamba Kiaxi Municipality
Primary Outline of the Master Plan Planning Phase



This consultancy, promoted by AdP in 2012 with funding from UNDP, promoted the institutional capacity of the Municipality of Kilamba Kiaxi while developing the Municipal Master Plan for Water and Sanitation of the Municipality. The broad participation and interaction of stakeholders at the municipal, communal, technical and administrative levels was promoted to better understand the real needs regarding the challenges in Water and Sanitation.


  • Advise the Kilamaba Kiaxi Local Authority to prepare its (2011-2015) water and waste water sector Master Plan in a participative manner
  • Training and tutoring the Local Authority’s staff in the implementation of the water and waste water planning proces
  • Develop a manual with guidelines and procedures to be followed in municipal planning in terms of water and sanitation
  • Preparation of a socio-economic survey of the municipality to underpin sector planning


The Project trained the technicians of Kilamba Kiaxi Municipality, ensuring that they acquire the necessary skills to develop and expand the Master Plan for Water Supply and Domestic Sewage Sanitation in the Municipality.

Next challenges

Monitor the effective implementation of the measures recommended in the Master Plan, thus ensuring that populations see the level of water and sanitation services increased.