Convention of Albufeira, the treaty governing the management of rivers shared by Portugal and Spain

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
International rivers: Minho, Lima, Douro, Tagus and Guadiana
Application Areas
Water Resources
Central Administration
Convention of Albufeira
Minho river
Douro river
Tagus river
Guadiana river
20 years CADC



The Convention on Cooperation for the Protection and Sustainable Use of Waters of the Luso-Spanish River Basins - Albufeira Convention was signed in 1998 and ten years later, the two countries agreed to deepen the Albufeira Convention through a Protocol of Review, which improved the definition of the flow regime, with a finer seasonal regime than the annual one, providing better conditions for environmental sustainability of shared rivers.


The Parties coordinate actions to promote and protect the good status of surface and groundwater of the Luso-Spanish river basins, actions for the sustainable use of these waters, as well as actions that contribute to mitigate the effects of floods and drought or scarcity.

Next challenges

Deepen the mechanisms for coordinating the planning and management of shared rivers in the context of climate change.