Infrastructure Asset Management Program

Thematic Area
Water and Cities
Lisbon, Portugal
Application Areas
Water Services
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Mondego river channel



The collaborative program for Infrastructure Asset Management (PGPI) to support AGS companies in the development and implementation of an infrastructure asset management plan, in compliance with Decree-Law no. 194/2009 and to promote proper asset management. It also sought to review and monitor existing IAM plans, to promote the assets' valuation and the extension of asset management to human and technological resources.


  • To promote the development and implementation of Infrastructure Asset Management Plans
  • Raise the maturity level in applying the methodology to the utilities
  • Development of new domains: assets valuation, approach to ISO 5500X standards and human and technological resources
  • Implementation of a procedures for monitoring and reviewing the plans
  • Promote the involvement of technical teams in the program
  • Promote sharing of knowledge between utilities


  • Implementation of the Infrastructure Asset Management Plans
  • Increase of areas analyzed
  • Procedure for the monitoring of IAM plans
  • Integration with existing plans
  • Articulation with investments
  • Approach to ISO 5500X standards
  • Inventory and valuation of assets
  • Analysis of human and technological resources

Next challenges

The main challenges are the improving the integration of infrastructure asset management plans with the existing plans of each utility (for instance, water losses management plan, energy efficiency or inflow and infiltration) and the inclusion of other types of assets such as human and technological resources. It is also expected to continue the work developed so far by deepening the subject of risk assessment in linear infrastructures and facilities.