RAV – Remotley Actuated Valve

Thematic Area
Water and Cities
Vila do Conde
Application Areas
Water Services
Local or Regional Administration
Actuation Platform
Water meter installation



Companies that manage water supply services face daily situations of payment defaults of the provided services, leading to systematic cutting off and restoring service actions.

Considering that, in general, the cut off valves are installed upstream by the water meters, and when these are located inside the houses the supply cut is not always possible.



  • Protection of employee’s physical integrity
  • The cut-off/service restoration can be carried out by non-specialized operators
  • Reduce costs with the cut-off/service restoration reducing intervention time, bureaucracies and necessary means such as safety
  • Accelerate the supply cut-off/service restoration
  • Use in installation (houses) that are in problematic or difficult access neighborhoods
  • Proceed with cut-off/service restoration without the need for local intervention


Reduce human resources costs, actions may simply be performed by water meter readers or by someone with a tablet PC

Save material resources

Connected to the Customer Management System, it becomes unnecessary to issue legal cut off orders and/or the service reconnection in paper, optimizing the need for employee’s intervention in administrative proceedings

Eliminate long term payment defaults associated mainly with the inaccessible facilities

Speed up the service restoration

Next challenges

Extend the use of the product to other water utilities in both Portuguese and foreign markets