RealQual: Towards real-time high-resolution monitoring and prediction of water quality in estuaries and coastal areas

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Application Areas
Water Resources
Local or Regional Administration
Conceptual design of the support structures of the sensors
Tagus estuary online monitoring station: detail of the supporting structure of the sensors and hoist
Environmental shelter and supporting structures
Controller and air compressor installed inside the environmental shelter
Source and sink terms of the whole biogeochemical model
Tagus estuary horizontal grid and detailed view in the Algés/Alcântara/ Terreiro do Paço waterfront
Comparison between data and model of E. coli on July 15, 2011 and September 6, 2011
Overview of the RealQual forecast products
Sample time series from the Terminal de Alcântara station



RealQual aimed at developing the foundations of a quality-controlled network for real-time high-resolution monitoring and prediction of the water quality in estuaries and coastal areas, in particular to anticipate potential eutrophication events.


  • To develop a pilot demonstration of the real-time water quality network in the Tagus estuary (Portugal)
  • To improve an operational platform for automated management of the monitoring and predicting water quality network
  • To develop an effective predictive system for water quality, exploring strategies that use of models of different complexity and computational cost
  • To transfer OHSU's knowledge on sophisticated observation networks for water quality and to integrate it with LNEC’s strategies for data quality
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Rodrigues M., Costa J., Jesus G., Fortunato A.B., Rogeiro J., Gomes J., Oliveira A., David L.M. 2013. Application of an estuarine and coastal nowcast-forecast information system to the Tagus estuary. Proc. of the 6th SCACR, 10 pp.

Rodrigues M., Oliveira A., David L.M., Fortunato A.B., Costa J., Rogeiro J., Gomes J.L., Jesus G., Mota T., Póvoa P., David C., et al. 2015. Real-time observatory of the water quality in the Tagus estuary. Proc. of the 7th EuroGOOS Conference, 5 pp

Next challenges

  • Integrate the water quality monitoring and forecast platform in the INCD
  • Apply the system to other estuaries