Roadmap for the creation and establishment of the Cunene Water Supply and Sanitation Company

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Water and Cities
Cunene Provincy, Angola
Application Areas
Water Services
Central Administration
Local or Regional Administration



As part of the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) pilot project, under its Water Development Regional Strategic Program, a "road map" for the first three years of physical establishment of the Water Supply and Sanitation Supply Wastewater Cunene (EASC) was prepared, focusing in the administration and finance, commercial and human resources areas


  • To contribute to the ensurance that the water supply in Cunene serves regularly and continuously the largest possible percentage of population


In Part I, AdP dealt with the organization of the water and sanitation sector in Angola and in the province of Cunene, as well as the description of the systems already built or under construction to be EASC.

In Part II an introduction was made describing the objectives of the plan, its assumptions and principles and the methodology used in its elaboration. Next, the Plan and the timetable, as well as the Activity Descriptive Sheets were presented. These pieces were presented in the form of a timetable, with precedence and critical path, and with links to the respective activity descriptions.

Part III described the additional recommendations that were considered essential for the creation of EASC