Dam Safety Analytical and Advisory Services to the National Water Agency (ANA) – Brazil- (Project WB P128417)

Thematic Area
Water, energy and Food
Brasilia, Brazil
Application Areas
Water Resources
Central Administration
Algodões Dam after failure
Euclides da Cunha dam (after failure)
Euclides da Cunha dam (before failure)
Emergency Action Plan for dams. Notification Flowchart
Anomalies and extreme events for dams



The National Water Agency (ANA) of Brazil, newly entrusted with the mandate of regulating authority for dam safety in Brazil and the World Bank requested to the LNEC and COBA consortium to provide Dam Safety Analytical and Advisory Services, given its experience with dam safety programs worldwide. The project had the objective to provide technical assistance and capacity strengthening, encompassing a period of 3 years to support ANA in implementing its new mandate in the dam safety field.


  • Provide capacity strengthening to ANA and other agencies involved in dam safety management
  • Assist ANA in the design of the National Information System for Dam Safety
  • Develop guidelines for design, construction, operation, maintenance and instrumentation of dams as well as for Emergency Action Plans
  • Develop a system for the risk classification of dams and application to ANA’ dams
  • Support ANA in the monitoring inspections and evaluation of dam safety activities as well as on reporting and communication to the authorities
  • Reinforce the dam safety regulatory framework, by supporting ANA to develop and review norms, standards, regulations, guidelines and manuals


  • Institutional assessment and Information technology of ANA
  • Classification of Dams: national and international practices, methodologies to calculate dam-break flood prone areas and guidelines for risk classification of dams
  • Classification of the Dams ruled by ANA
  • Manual for Entrepreneurs (policies and practices)
  • Guidance Manual to Entrepreneurs
  • Support for developing the report on dam safety
  • Design of the SNISB