ACECA - Actions to Control and Eliminate of Water Hyacinth on the cross-border stretch of the Guadiana River

Thematic Area
Sustainable Development and International Cooperation
Application Areas
Water Resources
Central Administration
Project financed by Interreg- POCTEP
ACECA Project
Leakage on the left bank of the Guadiana River
Repair of the leakage on the bank of the Guadiana River



Development of a plan to combat the invasive species Water Hyacinth-Eichhornia crassipes, including mechanical and manual removal, control and surveillance actions to avoid dispersal of the Water Hyacinth and joint coordination activities between the Portuguese and Spanish administrations with protocols for action aiming to minimize reproduction and eradication on the transboundary section of Guadiana with 85 km at downstream of Mérida: between the Montijo-SP reservoir and the Alqueva reservoir


  • Development of a plan to tackle combat the invasive species Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes)
  • Contribute to the development of the territory through the elimination of the invasive plant
  • Eliminate threats to the environment and the economic development
  • Improve the interaction between the agencies of both countries


Activities to be developed by APA:

  • Rehabilitation of weir (Monte da Vinha) used as a hydrometric staton
  • Elimination of the existing leakage on the left bank of the Guadiana River
  • Creation of a structure to allow  access to the margin and to collect the Water Hyacinth

Next challenges

Adopt and follow the implementation of coordinated intervention models  established in the future defined in the framework of the ACECA project